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Neved Holidays is a well-established firm in tourism in Kathmandu, Nepal. 
With our theme being quality is our top
priority’, we provide customers highest standards of services at affordable prices. 

About Us

Neved Holidays is one of the pioneers in travel in the region.  We have highly qualified dedicated professionals and experts in the travel business that will cater to all needs and demands of various market segments, we are equipped with multi-lingual staff providing a holistic package of travel services, all under one roof. Our staff are trained to ensure highest standards of honesty, reliability which enriched and enhanced our credibility and financial stability. 

Our historical background and our knowledge in our land allows us to present Nepal in a unique and unexplored manner, offering more choices that will meet customers’ expectations. Our services are well known to our honorable guests, to our visitors, and to our corporate partners, who rated us highly following their tours in Nepal. 

Neved Holidays is the tour operator which is able to convert the impossible to possible for the best interest of its guests. Once you try our services, we are sure that you will never forget the experience of traveling with us and we are certain that you will become one of our ambassadors, who will advocate 
and promote our services. 


Although we have grown in all aspects of our operations our motto of “customer satisfaction first” ensures that our customers are given the best-personalized and unparalleled professional service. 



At Neved Holidays we believe that keeping our clients informed, is critical to sales growth. Most travel is planned but spontaneous travel is often triggered by good communication. We are a strong user of electronic communication for its speed and simplicity. Our extensive clientele allows us to talk to thousands of travelers on regular basis. We have dedicated personnel just for this function. We have a dedicated team of staff who take care of the bidding for Tenders for various companies. Having successfully qualified for a lot of these tenders, we have grown our customer base to a considerable size in the past years

▪ Domestic and International ticketing 
▪ Trip planning which encompasses visa processing at a nominal fee and advice on other Immigration requirements. 
▪ Meet and Assist services provided upon request at reasonable charges 

▪ Hotel bookings, both local and international 
▪ Ground transportation including airport transfers on request  




▪ Wildlife safaris Chitwan 
▪ Tour and Holiday planning for Individuals, 
Groups or Families. 
▪ Adventure packages  
▪ We can tailor make packages to suit your needs and interests; and to help you 
explore and experience the best 
▪ White water rafting, hot air ballooning, Para Gliding, Helicopter 
Adventure tours, Everest Flight by Helicopter. 

▪ Car rental / hire – Rates are dependent entirely on your needs 
▪ Day disposals with excursions 



▪ Organizing of conferences for both Inbound and Outbound locations 

▪ Corporate, Student and Group Travel 



The quality of the is carefully monitored and evaluated through regular and annual audit. This 
includes all aspects of productivity, knowledge, service, accuracy, customer satisfaction, 
problem resolution, attitude, reliability, and efficiency. 

Here’s to the VALUES we strive for

There are a whole lot of values and visions that one develops during their college days, which are otherwise rare to cultivate. It is these values that brought together a few engineers from NIT Kurukshetra, who took upon themselves the task to revolutionize the Indian Travel Industry. The result? A successful establishment of a travel community that the youth can identify with. Have a look at the values we swear by

  • 01 Community Experience
    ● It is believed that you make connection with an average of 150 people in a lifespan. How much do you think these people offer you to make your time worthy? We’re curating a community where the people you meet add value to your life, through experiences, memories and everything in between. ● That’s why our community comprise of every person who takes a trip with us, is connected with us on social media, and those who meet us in our everyday lives. The goal is to create a happy impact on whosoever you come across.
  • 02 Customer Satisfaction
    ● The very reason WanderOn was established was because the founders, in their initial phase of career, had experienced what it is to live a mundane 9-5 life. ● To have been in the shoes of your customers gives a firm understanding of what they need, hence WanderOn thrives to provide exactly the same, maybe even more! ●This is the sole reason why we’ve managed to garner more than 3000 reviews across with a rating of 4.9/5 on all social platforms.
  • 03 Transparency
    How so ironic it may sound, the secret to run a successful business lies in being as transparent as one can be. The teams within WanderOn, the vendors and the clients maintain an unclouded relationship, and that is why this trio is aligned towards a common goal of nourishing the travel community.
  • 04 Creative Mindset
    When you’re into a business that dwells on a new adventure everyday, anything regular becomes a setback. So it is justified to say that inventiveness is no less than a drug here at WanderOn. While the marketing team aces the game, our team captains and even sales executives like to add a spin of creativity to their work! We firmly believe there is no cap to the potential of artistic people, and it surely reflects in the functioning of WanderOn.
  • 05 Freedom From Hassles
    ●If you take a moment to reflect upon how life actually is, it might just strike you hard that Freedom is a rare privilege. ●Having been constrained to a rulebook of social and work life, we seem to have missed the concept of freedom. ●At WanderOn, we strive to make people experience how rawness tastes like. Be it our services, or our work culture, we want people to know that Freedom is the only norm.
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